Executive Mentoring

Looking for your next career move, contact us for executive mentoring.

If you are planning on how to take the step up within your existing organisation, looking for that next career move or if you just want an independent view on what might be next, then an executive mentoring session might be the key.

Through an established and proven partnership Cantlie can connect you with a highly experienced executive coach.

Through this partnership sessions can be tailored to your specific needs although may include:

  • How to position yourself for that next career
  • Understanding the Canberra Executive employment landscape
  • Practicing your pitch to secure that next role
  • Getting a real understanding of Canberra networks and industry opportunities

To find out more about executive mentoring contact Keith Cantlie on 02 6239 7755 or email

Please note that mentoring session costs will be quoted by our partnered provider at the time at time of request.



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